Chocolate Dipped Valentine’s Marshmallow Treats

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

I hope you are having a great day so far!

This week is a little bit different than others because while I am working part of Saturday, I actually have Thursday off! That is a nice little break in the middle of the week to actually go out into the world during the day and get things done.

Damiean and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day last night, sorta. By that I mean that we love each other every day of the year so last night we spent time together going to dinner, listening to music and exchanging cards and small gifts. Today was just busy- starting with a work out this morning, coffee with my sister, getting my hair cut and colored and then an early lunch/dinner with my family. Are you celebrating today or holding off until the weekend?

Since today is Valentine’s, but some some people wont be celebrating until this weekend, I wanted to share with you my how-to on Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Treats. These are super easy and would be fun to make with the kids as well.


  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 bag of mini marshmallows
  • 6 cups rice krispies cereal
  • 1 cups pink melting chocolate chips
  • Sprinkles
  • Melt the butter on low heat in a large pot. Once the butter is melted stir in vanilla and add marshmallows slowly. Continue stirring until marshmallows are completely melted. Remove pot from heat.
  • Add in rice cereal and stirring as you go. Continue to stir until thoroughly mixed.
  • Grease the back of a flat spatula and press mixture into an 13 X 9 pan that is coated with non-stick spray or lined with parchment paper. If you want to add some additional holiday decor- Add sprinkles to the top and press again lightly so the sprinkles stick.
  • Once cooled, use a lightly greased cookie cutter and cut into shapes desired (whatever size you would like) and set on wax paper.
  • In a small bowl, melt the chocolate in the microwave at 25 second intervals stirring each time until chocolate is completely melted. If chocolate seems gloopy, add about 1 teaspoon of vegetable shortening until it becomes smooth. Dip rice krispie treats in chocolate, shaking off excess chocolate, then add sprinkle to the top. Another options is to use a fork and drizzle chocolate over the top of the treats.
  • Let chocolate set up and serve.
  • Wanting to use these as a fun gift for family or friends? Place treats in a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon!

These were so much fun and I have such a wonderful time making them!


Let’s Do This!

Hi There!!

I feel like it has been forever since I last sat down to write when in reality I have scraps of paper and lists everywhere with topics I want to discuss with you and stories I want to share! I really took some time this weekend to get myself organized and set to take all areas of my life to the next level.

There are some very big things in the works here behind the scenes and I am excited to bring you along on those journeys with me! A few things to look forward to this week:

  • Universal Studios Review
  • Voodoo Donut Review
  • My Chocolate Dipped Valentines Marshmallow Treat How-To
  • Much More!

My motto now is Let’s Do This!

Tell me something you are excited about this week!

It’s A New Month!

Hey there!!

I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend so far. This weekend,I will be heading over to California to spend some time at Universal Studios. I am excited to see the new updates that have taken place lately because I haven’t been to Universal since 2015 when Damiean and I went on vacation there.

I am very excited it is a new month because it always feels like it is full of potential. I have a lot of goals for this month and a lot of things I want to share with you.

For now, I hope that you will follow along with me on Instagram @runningaroundwithlindsey to see what we are up to in Universal!

What are you looking forward to in February?

Why The Radio Silence?

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day so far and that your week has been going smoothly.

I wanted to drop in today to let you know why you have pretty much seen radio silence on social media as well as the blog. It was not intentional, just simply what life demanded at the time.

A few weeks ago I got a call from Damiean that his mother had been diagnosed with bone cancer. As the days went on we found out that not only did she have it on one location, it had spread to all of her vital organs and was taking its toll on her body. All of this was coming at us during the holidays so the stress levels were insanely high and we continued to move forward in survival mode. A few days before Christmas we had to make a decision on going back to Boston or not, this decision was going to be based on a doctors appointment. Based on the information we received, we booked our plane tickets and were ready to head back East on New Year’s Eve.

The days seemed to tick by so slowly but sped up once we had celebrated Christmas. After that it was scrambling a little bit to put together the clothing we would need since the temperatures vary quite a lot from here to Massachusetts. After repacking my suitcase about 10 times, I felt ready enough by the time our departure date rolled around on December 31st. That day was insanely busy with work, family lunch and then finalizing all my carry on bag items before heading to airport.

We arrived via SuperShuttle around 8:30p.m. for our 10:45p.m. flight. We made it easily through security and decided to grab a quick bite at the airport before heading to our terminal. Once our flight got a little closer we headed to the terminal store to pick up a bottle of water and Powerade as well as some gummy Lifesavers for the plane ride. Time flew by and as nervous as I was to fly, it was time to board the plane! We got settled into our seats and waited probably 45 minutes before someone let us know that we would need to deplane because our captain did not show up. They let us know they would keep us up to date but it felt like forever before someone let us know any information on when we might be departing.

Before boarding the plane for the first time

At around midnight, Happy New Year to us, they finally let us know that our departure time would now be 2:00 a.m. Since it was only another 2 hours, we decided to hunker down and start watching a movie. As the 2:00 hour neared we were anxiously waiting to see some movement on the part of the airline to start the boarding process. As we watched and waited, I received a text message letting us know that our departure time was now 9:00 a.m. To say people were disappointed and upset is an understatement!

The options were given to us to either stay at the hotel or take a shuttle to a hotel to sleep for 2 hours and then return to the airport. We opted to get a few hours of sleep at a hotel and come back in the morning for our 9 o’clock flight. By the time we were back in the terminal the next day, we were exhausted. We got through security pretty easily, enjoyed some breakfast and then headed to our terminal. Luckily, we saw quite a bit of a crew in the area so we were excited at the idea of finally making it to Boston!

Exhausted, lets try this again!

The flight to Boston was pretty uneventful and quite considering the fact that most people were asleep the entire 4 hours there. Finally, 12 hours later, we arrived in Boston where it was 30 degrees! We ventured out to get our rental car and head to the hotel to change clothes and then head to the hospital.

View from the plane

We officially arrived in Boston on January 1st and would not be heading home until the 7th. During our time there we spent a lot of time Damiean’s family and when time allowed we ventured out into the city. I will post another blog about our adventures out there but since this one is getting lengthy want to get to the point!

Boston Harbor

Also, can we please note that there is literally a Dunkin Donut on almost every corner in Massachusetts! I was totally not complaining!

All hail Dunkin Donuts!

Our arrival home was supposed to be 8:15p.m. on the 7th and while we did land at 8:15 we did not actually get to deplane until around 10:00p.m due to the plane in front of us having engine trouble and blocking the terminal. Once off the plane, finally, we boarded our SuperShuttle and headed home so that both of us could head to work the next day. It was a rough transition back considering not only the pure exhaustion we were dealing with but also the time change we were adjusting from.

When we left, Damiean’s mother was very lethargic and not coherent most of the time. I am thankful we did make it to Boston so that Damiean could spend some time with his mom and at least say a few words. We arrived home on Monday and Damiean’s mom passed away that Thursday. This is a big loss for him, not only because this is his mother but because he has a very limited amount of family. We are taking each day one at a time and life has just felt like a blur lately.

In addition to all of this, when we arrived home I got very sick with a sinus infection and have actively been on medication for a few days. Since I am finally climbing out from under a rock I wanted to make sure I let you know that I am ready to return to the world and continue sharing my life and adventures with you!

If you have made it this far, you are a saint and I am forever appreciative of your love and support. We will be getting back to our regularly scheduled program and I really do have some exciting things in store.

How did you celebrate New Years?

It’s My Birthday!!

Happy Black Friday!

I hope you all had a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving and are out finding some amazing deals! Today is MY BIRTHDAY!

2018-10-13 16.13.16

Today, I join club 33 and while I wish that meant access to the exclusive club, it actually just means I am another year into my 30’s. I definitely do not mind being in my 30’s, these years have definitely been full of self discovery and I am excited to find out what else there is in store for me.

While 32 was a year filled with memorable moments, laughter, love and joy. I am so excited to see what 33 looks like!



Friday Feelings!

We made it to Friday!

I am always so happy when this day finally comes around because it means I finally get to relax a little bit over the weekend! Last night was date night number 2 for the week and Damiean and we enjoyed a double date night with my sister and her boyfriend watching the Coyotes Game at Talking Stick Arena. Tomorrow, my middle sister and I will be at the farmers market and Sunday will hopefully be another great day at the gym.

Speaking of the gym, I wanted to share with you an experience I had recently during my first yoga class in awhile. I didn’t tell you about this last week because I wanted to take some time to explore exactly why I was feeling the way I was and reacting the way that I did.

If you have ever taken a yoga class, you know that you get the opportunity to connect with yourself and become more aware of yourself and exactly how you are feeling.

For me, this was a moment of self relization. I am almost sad to admit that my job often makes me feel anxious and stressed to the point that I sometimes experience anxiety attacks that wake me from a dead sleep. Not a great way to live. While I cannot just up and quit my job, I am trying to be more mindful and aware of easing that stress and being in control of my emotions. One way I was hoping to aide in this was by going to a yoga class. A few years ago I was attending yoga/pilates twice a week and felt amazing.

While the class on Sunday did in fact make me feel less stressed and loose, I also felt all the feels while practicing! Within the first 5 minutes we were instructed to really get in touch with ourselves and be aware of how we were feeling.

I started to cry. I literally was wiping tears off my face and the realization hit me that the reason I ignore feelings and trudge through the stress of my days is because if I stop for a second I might start crying and not be able to stop. This kind of hit me like a bus and I set the intention that I was going to try harder to acknowledge feelings and deal with them as they come instead of pushing them away and choosing to ignore them.

How do you deal with stress?

Thankful Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

While thankful Thursday is not a regular occurrence here on the blog, since it is November, I figured I would share with you some things I am extremely thankful for now and everyday!

My Family!

  • First and foremost on my list, I am thankful for my family.While we might butt heads sometimes and get on each others nerves, I am always grateful that they have my back and are there for me at the end of the day! Plus, we all love doing Disney together so I always have a travel buddy!


My Amazing Boyfriend!

  • While I do feel that Damiean is family to me, he deserves his own mention. I am thankful for him because he supports me without question and loves me unconditionally everyday. I am so grateful to have him to lean on when life gets tough and to always know at the end of the day that I am loved so much!

Resized952017051295144955 - Copy - Copy


My Friends!

  • I will always be thankful that I met a majority of my best friends so early on in life. I have been lucky enough to call my best friend, my best friend for almost 30 years! Even though our lives are ever changing, we are always able to pick up exactly where we left off.


My Health!

  • While I may not be the healthiest person the planet, I am thankful for the ability to be healthy enough to go on new adventures, spend time with family and friends and run half marathons.


  • This one is mostly just for fun but I am thankful for coffee! Especially holiday cup season at Starbucks!

2018-11-04 09.18.28


What are you thankful for?

Wicked Half Marathon

Happy Wednesday!

We are finally half way through the week! Last night was date night number one for this week for Damiean and I. We try to set go out of our way to set aside at least one night per week that is dedicated to spending time with each other and either go out to dinner or cook dinner together at home. This one was spent out for a nice dinner and setting up some new decor I bought for the bedroom. Is anyone else loving the grey and white color scheme right now? I will be sure to show you some pictures soon. Date night number two for us this week will be the Coyotes game on Thursday with my sister and her boyfriend.

Today, I am sharing with you my race review of the Wicked Half Marathon.

2018-10-28 12.19.55.jpg

My sister and I ran this race on Sunday, October 28th at the Rio Vista Park. This event is hosted by Startline Racing and they always do a great job putting together a wonderful race day.

We started our day at around 6:00 with a pb&j and some chocolate milk before jumping in the car and heading to packet pick up. One thing I do love about local races is the same day packet pick up. It went seamlessly and we were able to spend some time pinning on our race numbers and warming up our muscles for the race. There were just under 200 people participating in the entire race day (1 mile run, 4k and half marathon) so it was a pretty easy going race considering we have participated in the Run Disney races consisting of thousands of runners.

2018-10-28 07.00.20

This was an out and back course so it was nice to not have to worry about bag checks or how you were going to make it back to your car once the race ended. Another perk of this course is that it was flat, there is little to no incline throughout the entire thing.

2018-10-28 07.51.43

The first few miles of this race flew by! Which is definitely nice when you are trying to reach double digits as quickly as possible. It felt like we made it through 5 miles in the blink of an eye. Sydnee and I did notice that the race markers were a little bit off and the further we went the harder it was to measure where you were in regards to distance signs VS watch distance.

Unfortunately, no matter the training you put into a race, you can never tell how race day is going to go and I woke up with a headache that continued to get worse as the race went on. Since the morning was somewhat cool, breathing through my nose bothered my sinuses even more and running made my head throb. I pushed through intervals as best I could but eventually had to settle on a fast walking pace since it was the only way to stop my head from feeling like it was going to explode.

Thankfully, mile 8 was the turnaround point and I had never been so happy to be headed back toward the finish line. The rest of this race was just warm and I had sent my sister on ahead of me around mile 6. I will say it was mentally tough to make it through the rest of the race by myself but also push through the throbbing that made me want to stop totally. At mile 11, I called Damiean to let him know that I definitely needed some words of encouragement to get me through the rest of this race. Luckily, he delivered and I pushed on and kept going. I got a bit emotional around mile 12 and when I passed it by, there were some tears in my eyes as I whispered to myself that I can do this and have been through harder races.  Finally, FINALLY, the finish line was in site and I broke into a bit of a run just to make it there faster!

I was so thankful to cross that line, get my medal and finally be able to take off my shoes! My sister had finished a bit in front of me and was already relaxing and enjoying her Powerade and checking out her medal. It was a super cute coffin with a skeleton inside!

2018-10-28 11.00.10

Another awesome surprise at the end of my race was that Damiean had come to show his support and congratulate me and Syd on our race.

2018-10-28 11.00.52

Have I mentioned to you how awesome it is to have such a great support system?!

After we changed into our Oofos and made our way to the car, Sydnee and I decided to pick up some Panda Express orange chicken and head home. However, since we purchased some awesome Pumpkin Spice themed running shirts from Raw Threads, we also stopped to pick up a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino from Starbucks for pictures!

2018-10-28 12.19.55.jpgWe were definitely celebrating like some Basic Witches!

A good rest was in store after and I finally did break down and take some pain relievers which did help with my headache.

This race was awesome and I would definitely recommend it if you are local to Arizona and looking for a Halloween themed race.

Our next two races are the Run, Run Rudolph Half Marathon and the Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon.

What is your favorite race so far?



Flagstaff & The Extreme Obstacle Course

Good Morning!

I hope you are having a fantastic day so far!!

Today, I wanted to share with you Damiean and I’s experience in Flagstaff and at the Extreme Obstacle Course about 3 weeks ago. I know, I know a bit of a long time ago but I had every intention of sharing it sooner but like I said yesterday, we are back tracking a little bit!

2018-10-20 16.20.21

Friday after work Damiean and I headed up to Flagstaff for a fun little weekend getaway. Our main objective was to use the gift certificates I had given him last year at Christmas for the Flagstaff Extreme Obstacle Course. Luckily, the drive up there was easy and it was kind of nice to watch the temperature drop from in the 80’s all the way down to 46! For this Arizona native, it was really chilly, for Damiean, it was still shorts weather since he is originally from the East coast. Once we got there and settled into the hotel we ventured out for dinner and wound up choosing Mexican food because who can say no to chips and salsa! Tapatio was the restaurant we decided on since the reviews were pretty high. We were not disappointed! The food was delicious and the portion sizes were huge. The most entertaining part was that when they served fajitas, they literally lit them on fire table side and put on a bit of a show with them, definitely different than other places we have visited. Both Damiean and I mentioned that the restaurant reminded us of a place we frequent up in Pinetop. Which lead us to discussing what our schedules look like for the next few months since he is still training at his new job and I am getting into tax time at work which means no vacations for a little while. Luckily, we were happy to just be away from the usual hustle and bustle to just enjoy each others company for awhile.

Saturday morning we got up early to head to breakfast before heading down to the obstacle course for our reservation. We were a bit worried about the weather since while we were eating the clouds just kept rolling in but I am happy to say that the weather was beautiful for the entire day! Once breakfast was finished, it was time to play in the trees!

We arrived about 15 minutes before our reservations and I am glad that we did. It was really crowded and took us a little bit of time to check in and get harnessed up for our adventure.


2018-10-20 14.52.26

Damiean and I were both a little nervous about what the day had in store but we were excited to try something new. We began by watching a 10 minute safety video that gave us information on the equipment we were going to be using during our time there on the course. Once the video was finished, we ventured over to the practice course to apply our knowledge. Once we felt confident enough, we were able to go off on our own.

2018-10-20 09.55.35

There are 5 levels to the course- Green, Silver, Blue, Red and Black. As you transition levels, you climb higher and higher and the obstacles get more complicated.

Both Damiean and I are terrified of heights so the first steps off the platforms onto free floating logs bridges and zip lining were always a bit nerve racking. Luckily, once we had done it a few times we definitely got the hang of it. It was a ton of fun but I was so happy I had read ahead and ordered us some fingerless gloves before we got there.

2018-10-20 14.05.52

The course was really crowded with a variety of groups so there were some obstacles that took quite a bit longer because there were only so many people allowed on a platform at a time.

While we did take a few breaks throughout the day, we both definitely reached a point where we were starving! However, we had not yet finished the course and I wanted to try my hardest to get through the whole thing.

2018-10-20 14.12.10

Unfortunately, both Damiean and I reached our breaking points before the black course with Damiean making it to through blue and me making it through red.

We are both definitely wanting to go back soon and give it another shot soon. I do want to give you a few tips in case you are considering a trip up north to try your hand at the Flagstaff Adventure Obstacle Course.

  1. Fingerless Gloves- I was so happy that I had read ahead and knew to get some fingerless gloves to help protect our hands as we zip lined and climbed around in the trees. While I ordered ours from Amazon ahead of time, they do have some for sale on site.
  2.  Water Bottles- While they do sell water bottles with hooks on site, I ordered ours off of amazon. I was thrilled that I did because it kept our water cold the entire day.
  3. Bring Lunch- One reason we decided to quit early was because we were starving! With the long waits on some of the obstacles, by the time I reached the red course it was 3:00 in the afternoon. Since we ate breakfast at 9:00 that morning, we were both out of energy. I would highly suggest you break for lunch and refuel before you continue on.

Once we finished playing in the trees, I did some shopping and picked up a jacket as well as a shirt. After that we grabbed lunch by the hotel and hung out for a few hours since we had gotten up early. We both did notice that as the day wore on we were getting sore and realizing we used muscles we hadn’t used in a while. Once we had rested for awhile, we ventured out for a drive around town and dinner. The trees were gorgeous and just starting to change. After dinner we watched a few movies and just enjoyed each others company.

Sunday was the last day of our vacation and I always hate the last day of a vacation! We had passed a place on Saturday that we wanted to try for breakfast called the Toasted Owl.

2018-10-21 10.50.28

We both had high hopes for this place since the menu looked promising but after waiting about 45 minutes for breakfast to come out, we were slightly disappointed. The food was mediocre and definitely not worth the $30 price tag for a breakfast burrito and some eggs. After paying the bill we decided to take a drive around town one last time and then head back to the valley.

2018-10-21 12.06.17Our drive back was uneventful but it was definitely nice to just enjoy each others company and listen to some music. We are definitely looking forward to our next adventure, whatever it may be!