Best of Intentions

Hi Guys!

I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday! It has been a whirlwind of a week. I got home from California on Monday and flipped my suitcase so that I can head back out of town on Friday with Damiean.

I am so sad that I missed posting for a few days since I started out October strong and with the best of intentions on posting everyday of the week.

Unfortunately, I am learning to deal with a new normal with another chronic illness. I have suffered from asthma and allergies for a large majority of my life, over 30 years to be exact and have found a way to live my life as normal as possible. Recently, I was diagnosed with eczema. For those of you who have not experienced eczema before, let me tell you, it is enough to drive you crazy!

I had never experienced a flare up before and was completely caught off guard by this diagnosis, mostly because things seemed to go downhill quickly once it was diagnosed. What started as a really REALLY itchy and scaly rash on my left shin turned into a sever infection that required a major bout of medicine to heal. I had an allergic reaction to the medication I was put on and ever since then have had new scaly rashes develop in different areas of my body. After numerous trips to the doctor and trial and errors of medicines and creams, I think (hope!) that I have found a good balance that helps alleviate the screaming that takes plus under my skin.

My doctor did let me know that it is important not to scratch as that can lead to infections and complications. I was unprepared for just how itchy and intolerable some moments would be. If you have ever had chicken pox or poison ivy, it is a lot like that. The itch just will not stop sometimes and it has been enough to drive my crazy!

Another factor that messes with my head is that it makes me feel isolated in a way. It is tough to explain at work that the rash isn’t contagious when it looks terrible. It is hard to hear that I just need to stop scratching from family members when they have no idea that it feels like my skin is on fire and scratching is the only relief. I just don’t feel normal. It is new to me to have to warn people that I am sticky with cream before they go in for a hug or to have to reassure them repeatedly that no, I for sure am not contagious.

My go to joke right now is that October is Eczema awareness  month and what a great time to become aware that I have it!

All joking aside I am diligently trying my hardest to get through this flare up and return back to my new normal. Thank you for your patience and support!



Let’s Get Excited!

Hi There,

I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start.

Today, I am really trying to focus on the positive things happening in my life and find the motivation to make it through the rest of this very long week! Tomorrow and Friday I have some work events taking place that are causing a bit of chaos and Saturday, I have my life and health insurance exam! To counter this and focus on the good, I am looking forward to getting done with my test so that I can binge watch the Santa Clarita Diet Season 2, yay!! I don’t know if you guys have watched Season 1 yet but I highly recommend it. I watched it once on my own and then Damiean and I got about 3 episodes in before he decided he was not a fan. It is kind of a rom-com drama so it hits all the good points I think a series should.

Another thing I am excited about is that I am in negotiations for a new job! I am crossing my fingers for this to come to fruition and will keep you guys updated!

The biggest and most exciting thing is that Easter weekend is going to be spent in California! I am so excited to get away for 2 days and just enjoy a little break from real life. We will be heading to Huntington Beach and Sunset Beach on Saturday and then venturing over to Disneyland/ California Adventure on Easter Sunday. Speaking of Disneyland and California Adventure, did you guys hear the news about Marvel taking over what is currently a Bug’s Land??

Lots of changes taking place in the park lately but I am excited to see what they have in store.


What are you most excited about today?

Any big upcoming plans?

Friday Feels

Happy Friday!!

We made it through another week. Today is a busy day that started with coffee and a full calendar. At 5:00, my sister and I will head over to the Tanger Outlet Mall to run the first part of the Kiss Me I’m Irish Challenge. This portion is the Kilt Run, be sure to follow me on Instagram to get a look at the two of us rocking our Kilts!

My Friday feels have got me wishing I was back at the beach today.¬† What can I say… I am really anxious to travel!


Tomorrow is an early morning, with the second part of the challenge starting at 7:17 A.M. After that I plan on putting together a blogging calendar (not that I don’t like this whole typing it on the same day it posts!) so that I can be better organized and have things scheduled. After that, me and the family will head to a hockey game.

Sunday will be a day of rest and job applications!


What is on your agenda for this weekend?