I’m So Excited!

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Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far. My work day is just starting but hopefully it will go by quickly!

Just a quick update on life happenings right now- my family and I have finally gotten around to booking our September and October vacations to Disneyland. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite times to visit the parks so I am really looking forward to those trips. I have been actively studying for an exam that is quickly approaching on the 28th of July for my life and health insurance certification. In addition to all of that, I am happy to say that in all of the craziness and crashing of Amazon, Damiean and I were able to get an InstaPot! It will be here today so we have not gotten a chance to play with it yet. I have been hearing rave reviews from everyone at work so I am looking forward to experimenting. Damiean on the other hand is not yet convinced, so we will work on that!

The biggest piece of exciting news I have is that….I signed up for a half marathon!


I have been in what you might call a running slump lately. It is extremely warm here and in addition I could not really get myself motivated to get on the treadmill. Now, I have a race to train for, so hopefully that will get my behind in gear. Luckily, Sydnee agreed to run with me so we are happy to be hitting the road together again.

This will be our first time ever participating in the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

The last official race I participated in was the Superhero’s Half Marathon Weekend in November, so it has been a while since I have been actively training. However, during those races we were able to shave quite a bit of time off of our finish including 30 minutes off our half marathon time!


The goal for this race is under 3:00 hours. I realize that to some that is not necessarily a fast half marathon but for someone that wasn’t even able to run a mile in high school and suffers from severe asthma, I am thrilled!

We are hoping to register for a half in October and another in December to act as our big miles for training. This works because we both love medals and recovery meals!


What are you excited about?