Premier Surfaces

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C/O- Premier Surfaces

Good Morning Everyone!

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of quality time with Pinterest!

While there is sometimes a specific image or topic I am looking for and delving into, often times there is no rhyme or reason and I find myself simply exploring random pages or suggest pins. In addition to my usual Disney inspired crafts or cute hairstyles, I often find myself looking at beautiful homes and amazing kitchens! There is such a large variety to choose from but I usually find myself gravitating more toward the minimalist, white and marble kitchens that never have a single crumb or dish out of place. While that is certainly not realistic for most people, it definitely looks enticing and makes you consider a small or large scale kitchen revamp.

C/O- Premier Surfaces

Recently, I came across a company that puts together not only beautiful kitchens but also elegant bathrooms and intricate and tasteful tile work. This company is called Premier Surfaces.

Premier Surfaces is an installer of custom surfaces and counter tops and the nation’s largest fabricator. They currently have 17 locations across 10 states and have a product range that meets the needs of almost any client, commercial or residential. They carry a large selection of high quality materials, such as, natural stone, quartz, engineered marble and other specialty materials. Premier Surfaces is a market leader providing for a multitude of projects that range anywhere from a single family home to a variety of commercial services in the hospitality and healthcare industry.

I know when I think about any services for a home, I take into consideration the history and reputation of the company. Premier Surfaces has been fabricating and installing customized designs of surfaces and counter tops for more than 30 years! Not only have they been in business for over three decades, they also have a pristine reputation for outstanding services provided . In fact, a huge portion of their continued growth can be attributed to the recommendations and referrals of previous satisfied professionals and clients.

C/O- Premier Surfaces

Currently, you can visit one of the local showrooms in any of the 10 states they are serving, located in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast. You can find out if there is a location near you, here!

After visiting the Premier Surfaces website, I was a little curious about who some of the designers and where they get their inspiration. One particular designer who stuck out to me, not only because we share the same name, was Lindsey Frost. After seeing photos of the beautiful designs she has put together for clients, I can definitely see why people love working with her.

If you would like to find out more about what it is like to work with a designer, specifically Lindsey Frost, who recently opened her own interior design company in 2018, check out this feature- Lindsey Frost Cambria Quartz

C/O- Premier Surfaces

I don’t know about you guys but I definitely may be considering some home upgrades in the near future.

I am curious, if you could remodel or re-design any part of your home,what would it be?


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