Robotic Process Automation: How To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

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Robotic Process Automation

Today’s post is all about automation, specifically, Robotic Process Automation. If you know me, you know that I love organization and efficiency that saves huge amounts of time in the work place. RoboWorx is company that specializes in just that. By utilizing R.P.A. or Robotic Process Automation, workplace productivity is helping to improve accuracy and direction profitability. Imagine having a resource that gave you the ability to have robots save you up to 51 hours each day. That is the equivalent of having 6 employees working an 8-hour shift! This is just one example of the results experienced by a company using Robotic Process Automation.

A prime example of how R.P.A. is used is to look at large retail companies. After each store closes, a report is generated that contains information for every location for sometimes hundreds of stores. In most cases, this is a manual process where a manager or employee will need to process the reports. Robotic Process Automation assists in automating this process which will allow the employees to focus on activities more geared toward customer service rather than report running. R.P.A. robots will automate this process by consolidating all this information for all the stores closing reports.

RoboWorx Studio

If you think these results sound amazing, you will be so excited to hear that you can utilize this technology in our own company. RoboWorx Studio will build a robot that will watch how you perform your tasks and mimic them automatically. All of the mundane day-to-day tasks that would allow your time to be better spent elsewhere will now be taken care of by the RoboWorx Studio.

RoboWorx Orchestrator

Still not convinced? The RoboWorkx orchestrator is the central location where the robots are deployed and managed. This will allow for scheduling, logging, auditing, reporting and even more.

RoboWorx Robots

Once you have decided to integrate and work with them, the RoboWorx Robots will take over and all the processes assigned automatically. The best part, you know for sure that the tasks will be completed on- premise, accuracy or as a hosted solution.


The robots at RoboWorx robots come with over 300 pre-built activities that were designed with the ability to execute processes that are commonly used across programs such as: Citrix, Oracle, Microsoft and Excel.

RoboWorx Implementation

Finally sold on implementing RPA technology into your company or organization? The good news is you don’t have to do it alone! RoboWorx is here to help you get started with the assistance of a highly skilled consultant who has the expertise to understand your business processes and how R.P.A. can be best utilized by your organization.

These knowledgeable consultants will assist in strategizing and designing an R.P.A. that is highly functional and well performing. They are also able to provide you with the skills to manage your platform once their expertise is no longer available. Want even more functionality? RoboWorx platform is manageable by cloud, in a hybrid infrastructure or on-premise.

RoboWorks and Financial Services

One part of RoboWorx that really appealed to me was how it can be utilized in the financial service industry. Since I spend most of my days trying to simplify certain aspects of my job in the financial sector, the idea of automation really spoke to me. RoboWorx helps banking and financial companies by creating process efficiency and lowering costs. There was one company that utilized R.P.A. in their back office; the robots were then able to process 18000 invoices per month while extracting all the necessary information for their records. This one robot processed the work of 3 full time employees!

Based on the experience the above mentioned company had, I can definitely see where this type of automation could be a wonderful asset to my company and many others!

Some of processes that are specific to my industry that could easily be automated are- Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Reconciliations, Processing Invoices, Filtering Resumes, Life Insurance or Annuity Applications and many others! These bots run 24/7, 365 and operate with 100% accuracy!

RoboWorx and Healthcare

As some of you know, Damiean works in the medical field. One of the main issues with medicine is that the number of patients continuously grows and healthcare providers are left trying to manage not only the staff necessary but also the scheduling, billing and claims processing for each and every one of those patients. To alleviate some of these operational issues, R.P.A. is being embraced by many healthcare providers. By incorporating R.P.A, area able to enhance efficiency and automate a large number of tasks, such back-office functions and managerial tasks. It is estimated that in the healthcare industry there is a 36% opportunity for automation which equates to more time that healthcare professions can spend with patients.

Want to learn more about Healthcare Automation? Find out more- here!

My Thoughts!

If you are thinking that there would be no way R.P.A. would be useful in your organization, think again! With the wide range of processes and activities that can be utilized, RoboWorx would be an asset to any and all organizations looking to increase accuracy and save money.

Want to find out more? Be sure to check out RoboWorx online and find out how they can help put more hours in your day!

What is a task you would like to automate in your workplace?


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