Happy Wednesday!

We are thankfully half way through the week!

This week has felt long and we still have a few days to go. Any one have any big plans for this weekend?

Today, I am sharing with you a health update of sorts and kind of a little insight as to why you haven’t seen me anywhere lately!

When we got back from California, I felt exhausted. I have literally felt exhausted and out of it since the last time I was sick in March. Finally went back to the doctor only to find out that my sickness never actually went away and I have what is not defined as a chronic sinus infection. To be sure, they are doing some x-rays on Friday to give me an official diagnosis and decide the best course of action. For now, I am on some really heavy duty meds that are kicking my butt! I am exhausted pretty much all the time and can barely hear out of either of my ears.

Unfortunately, I am not a stranger to chronic illness. In fact, it has been a word associated with quite a few sickness’ in my life since I was a kid. For those of you who don’t know. I have had asthma since I was around 2. I also have eczema, another chronic sickness that I was diagnosed with recently.

I am hoping to be back to regular posting later this week. I am really hoping to feel less like I am walking in a fog and have the ability to concentrate again soon! For now, I appreciate your patience.


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