I Felt Like a Princess!

Hey, Hey! Happy Tuesday to all of you!

Monday was crazy busy, as always but I am counting down the days until I head to California this weekend. I did not do an official weekend recap of this weekend but I did want to share with you a little peak into what some of my weekend consisted of: Saturday was an extremely exciting day. It was Damiean and I’s 4 year anniversary!

I want to take just a second to share my love and appreciation for a man who:

  • Truly does love me for exactly who I am.
  • Supports every decision I make fully and without hesitation and is always willing to go the extra mile to make me happy.
  • Cheers me on during races whether that be in person or via text message when I feel like I can’t take another step.
  • Holds my hand everywhere we go.
  • Makes sure I am not the one walking closest to the street.
  • Knows exactly how I like my coffee.
  • Makes me the modern day version of a mix tape to play in the car.
  • Tells me I am beautiful everyday.
  • Goes to the store in the middle of the night when “allergies” is suddenly full blown sickness.
  • Loves me unconditionally. .

I am so extremely lucky to have found a man whose goals and dreams line up perfectly with mine. I truly cherish our life together and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

Now, to share with you how the day went! On Friday, I was told that what we were doing to celebrate our anniversary was a surprise but I would need a dress. That was tiny bit stressful because I only have so many dresses and without much detail, it was really hard to choose which one to wear. In the end, I actually wound up buying a brand new dress a few hours before we left. Talk about cutting it close.

After the Farmer’s Market with my sister was over, I headed home to curl my hair and do my make up and relax for 5 minutes. Damiean arried around 4:00, roses in hand and we left not too long after. He took quite a few back roads so that I would not be able to guess where we were going.

Our first stop was dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse in Mesa. Dameian said we were lucky that the service was good because we were on a bit of a tight schedule.

From Mesa, we headed to Tempe and since I am not familiar with the area, it was difficult to gauge where we were going. After navigating quite a bit of construction, we wound up at ASU Gammage.

SURPRISE! Damiean had gotten us tickets to see Wicked!

I was definitely surprise and so excited since this was one show I definitely have wanted to see. The surprises continued when it was time to take our seats. Not only were we on the first level, we were in the second row!

The show was spectacular! If you have the opportunity to see it, I cannot recommend it enough.

When I got home, I definitely felt like Cinderella, getting home from the ball with Prince Charming! It really was a magical night and I felt so extremely loved!


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