Weekend Recap 3/8-3/10

Good Morning!

If you follow me on Instagram, which you definitely should, you know that my trip to California got cancelled at the very last minute due to some circumstances beyond our control. Basically, there was a situation with our rental car that occurred could not be resolved in time for our trip. Luckily, we have rescheduled it for the end of the month.

Since I did not have to rush home and finish packing on Friday night, it was a pretty uneventful evening of Netflix and sweatpants. Damiean has had quite a few co-workers quit lately which is altering his schedule and making it harder to make plans in advance but we are making it work as best we can. I am lucky that both of us appreciate relaxing on the couch spending time together more than we like putting on real pants and going out.

Saturday morning I finally got a chance to sleep in and it was glorious! Because I have been working some Saturdays, time feels like it lasts forever some weeks. This past week was one such time. After a leisurely breakfast, I ventured out to Target and actually got out of the store for under $20! A rare occurrence since Target has a way of convincing me I always need more. ** Side Note: How cute is the new luggage they are carrying!**

After we got home, Sydnee and I made our own coffee and used our AMAZING customized cups!

After a bit of coffee and down time working on a few projects, Sydnee and I took Lillie Belle out for a mile and a half walk around the neighborhood.

The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful and I spent most of it working on a big project is finally almost ready to share here!!

Sunday was a leisurely day spent mostly on the lake. The weather is supposed to be rainy this week so we were lucky to find a day that was relatively calm and cool outside without being too cold.

Once I got home, the day flew by like they always do and I had to put away laundry and get ready for a busy week. I think we counted that there are 12 Saturdays in tax season and we are just about halfway through! Trust me, I am counting down the days until the end!

How was your weekend?


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