Why is it always 10:30?

Hey There!

O.M.G. how is it only Tuesday? Hasn’t this week lasted for 5 years already? It doesn’t help that we are in the BUSIEST season my company has and everyday feels like forever.

I promise I am trying to get it together and be present here on the blog everyday. However, it is taking time and energy to do that along with everything else so I am taking a breathe and gathering my content to make a plan.

Today I just wanted to share with you a funny realization and something I find myself saying out loud every night. Why is it always 10:30!

I don’t know about all of you but I try my hardest every night to get in bed early so that I can get enough sleep to not be exhausted the next day. That is usually easier said than done and most nights I am lacking in the sleep department. One thing I have realized though is that no matter how early I put on my pajamas and start getting ready for bed, it is always 10:30 by the time I am finally getting into the bed! I don’t know where the time seems to go in the between but it someone always finds a way to fast forward! Do any of you experience the same thing?


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