Why The Radio Silence?

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day so far and that your week has been going smoothly.

I wanted to drop in today to let you know why you have pretty much seen radio silence on social media as well as the blog. It was not intentional, just simply what life demanded at the time.

A few weeks ago I got a call from Damiean that his mother had been diagnosed with bone cancer. As the days went on we found out that not only did she have it on one location, it had spread to all of her vital organs and was taking its toll on her body. All of this was coming at us during the holidays so the stress levels were insanely high and we continued to move forward in survival mode. A few days before Christmas we had to make a decision on going back to Boston or not, this decision was going to be based on a doctors appointment. Based on the information we received, we booked our plane tickets and were ready to head back East on New Year’s Eve.

The days seemed to tick by so slowly but sped up once we had celebrated Christmas. After that it was scrambling a little bit to put together the clothing we would need since the temperatures vary quite a lot from here to Massachusetts. After repacking my suitcase about 10 times, I felt ready enough by the time our departure date rolled around on December 31st. That day was insanely busy with work, family lunch and then finalizing all my carry on bag items before heading to airport.

We arrived via SuperShuttle around 8:30p.m. for our 10:45p.m. flight. We made it easily through security and decided to grab a quick bite at the airport before heading to our terminal. Once our flight got a little closer we headed to the terminal store to pick up a bottle of water and Powerade as well as some gummy Lifesavers for the plane ride. Time flew by and as nervous as I was to fly, it was time to board the plane! We got settled into our seats and waited probably 45 minutes before someone let us know that we would need to deplane because our captain did not show up. They let us know they would keep us up to date but it felt like forever before someone let us know any information on when we might be departing.

Before boarding the plane for the first time

At around midnight, Happy New Year to us, they finally let us know that our departure time would now be 2:00 a.m. Since it was only another 2 hours, we decided to hunker down and start watching a movie. As the 2:00 hour neared we were anxiously waiting to see some movement on the part of the airline to start the boarding process. As we watched and waited, I received a text message letting us know that our departure time was now 9:00 a.m. To say people were disappointed and upset is an understatement!

The options were given to us to either stay at the hotel or take a shuttle to a hotel to sleep for 2 hours and then return to the airport. We opted to get a few hours of sleep at a hotel and come back in the morning for our 9 o’clock flight. By the time we were back in the terminal the next day, we were exhausted. We got through security pretty easily, enjoyed some breakfast and then headed to our terminal. Luckily, we saw quite a bit of a crew in the area so we were excited at the idea of finally making it to Boston!

Exhausted, lets try this again!

The flight to Boston was pretty uneventful and quite considering the fact that most people were asleep the entire 4 hours there. Finally, 12 hours later, we arrived in Boston where it was 30 degrees! We ventured out to get our rental car and head to the hotel to change clothes and then head to the hospital.

View from the plane

We officially arrived in Boston on January 1st and would not be heading home until the 7th. During our time there we spent a lot of time Damiean’s family and when time allowed we ventured out into the city. I will post another blog about our adventures out there but since this one is getting lengthy want to get to the point!

Boston Harbor

Also, can we please note that there is literally a Dunkin Donut on almost every corner in Massachusetts! I was totally not complaining!

All hail Dunkin Donuts!

Our arrival home was supposed to be 8:15p.m. on the 7th and while we did land at 8:15 we did not actually get to deplane until around 10:00p.m due to the plane in front of us having engine trouble and blocking the terminal. Once off the plane, finally, we boarded our SuperShuttle and headed home so that both of us could head to work the next day. It was a rough transition back considering not only the pure exhaustion we were dealing with but also the time change we were adjusting from.

When we left, Damiean’s mother was very lethargic and not coherent most of the time. I am thankful we did make it to Boston so that Damiean could spend some time with his mom and at least say a few words. We arrived home on Monday and Damiean’s mom passed away that Thursday. This is a big loss for him, not only because this is his mother but because he has a very limited amount of family. We are taking each day one at a time and life has just felt like a blur lately.

In addition to all of this, when we arrived home I got very sick with a sinus infection and have actively been on medication for a few days. Since I am finally climbing out from under a rock I wanted to make sure I let you know that I am ready to return to the world and continue sharing my life and adventures with you!

If you have made it this far, you are a saint and I am forever appreciative of your love and support. We will be getting back to our regularly scheduled program and I really do have some exciting things in store.

How did you celebrate New Years?


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