Flagstaff & The Extreme Obstacle Course

Good Morning!

I hope you are having a fantastic day so far!!

Today, I wanted to share with you Damiean and I’s experience in Flagstaff and at the Extreme Obstacle Course about 3 weeks ago. I know, I know a bit of a long time ago but I had every intention of sharing it sooner but like I said yesterday, we are back tracking a little bit!

2018-10-20 16.20.21

Friday after work Damiean and I headed up to Flagstaff for a fun little weekend getaway. Our main objective was to use the gift certificates I had given him last year at Christmas for the Flagstaff Extreme Obstacle Course. Luckily, the drive up there was easy and it was kind of nice to watch the temperature drop from in the 80’s all the way down to 46! For this Arizona native, it was really chilly, for Damiean, it was still shorts weather since he is originally from the East coast. Once we got there and settled into the hotel we ventured out for dinner and wound up choosing Mexican food because who can say no to chips and salsa! Tapatio was the restaurant we decided on since the reviews were pretty high. We were not disappointed! The food was delicious and the portion sizes were huge. The most entertaining part was that when they served fajitas, they literally lit them on fire table side and put on a bit of a show with them, definitely different than other places we have visited. Both Damiean and I mentioned that the restaurant reminded us of a place we frequent up in Pinetop. Which lead us to discussing what our schedules look like for the next few months since he is still training at his new job and I am getting into tax time at work which means no vacations for a little while. Luckily, we were happy to just be away from the usual hustle and bustle to just enjoy each others company for awhile.

Saturday morning we got up early to head to breakfast before heading down to the obstacle course for our reservation. We were a bit worried about the weather since while we were eating the clouds just kept rolling in but I am happy to say that the weather was beautiful for the entire day! Once breakfast was finished, it was time to play in the trees!

We arrived about 15 minutes before our reservations and I am glad that we did. It was really crowded and took us a little bit of time to check in and get harnessed up for our adventure.


2018-10-20 14.52.26

Damiean and I were both a little nervous about what the day had in store but we were excited to try something new. We began by watching a 10 minute safety video that gave us information on the equipment we were going to be using during our time there on the course. Once the video was finished, we ventured over to the practice course to apply our knowledge. Once we felt confident enough, we were able to go off on our own.

2018-10-20 09.55.35

There are 5 levels to the course- Green, Silver, Blue, Red and Black. As you transition levels, you climb higher and higher and the obstacles get more complicated.

Both Damiean and I are terrified of heights so the first steps off the platforms onto free floating logs bridges and zip lining were always a bit nerve racking. Luckily, once we had done it a few times we definitely got the hang of it. It was a ton of fun but I was so happy I had read ahead and ordered us some fingerless gloves before we got there.

2018-10-20 14.05.52

The course was really crowded with a variety of groups so there were some obstacles that took quite a bit longer because there were only so many people allowed on a platform at a time.

While we did take a few breaks throughout the day, we both definitely reached a point where we were starving! However, we had not yet finished the course and I wanted to try my hardest to get through the whole thing.

2018-10-20 14.12.10

Unfortunately, both Damiean and I reached our breaking points before the black course with Damiean making it to through blue and me making it through red.

We are both definitely wanting to go back soon and give it another shot soon. I do want to give you a few tips in case you are considering a trip up north to try your hand at the Flagstaff Adventure Obstacle Course.

  1. Fingerless Gloves- I was so happy that I had read ahead and knew to get some fingerless gloves to help protect our hands as we zip lined and climbed around in the trees. While I ordered ours from Amazon ahead of time, they do have some for sale on site.
  2.  Water Bottles- While they do sell water bottles with hooks on site, I ordered ours off of amazon. I was thrilled that I did because it kept our water cold the entire day.
  3. Bring Lunch- One reason we decided to quit early was because we were starving! With the long waits on some of the obstacles, by the time I reached the red course it was 3:00 in the afternoon. Since we ate breakfast at 9:00 that morning, we were both out of energy. I would highly suggest you break for lunch and refuel before you continue on.

Once we finished playing in the trees, I did some shopping and picked up a jacket as well as a shirt. After that we grabbed lunch by the hotel and hung out for a few hours since we had gotten up early. We both did notice that as the day wore on we were getting sore and realizing we used muscles we hadn’t used in a while. Once we had rested for awhile, we ventured out for a drive around town and dinner. The trees were gorgeous and just starting to change. After dinner we watched a few movies and just enjoyed each others company.

Sunday was the last day of our vacation and I always hate the last day of a vacation! We had passed a place on Saturday that we wanted to try for breakfast called the Toasted Owl.

2018-10-21 10.50.28

We both had high hopes for this place since the menu looked promising but after waiting about 45 minutes for breakfast to come out, we were slightly disappointed. The food was mediocre and definitely not worth the $30 price tag for a breakfast burrito and some eggs. After paying the bill we decided to take a drive around town one last time and then head back to the valley.

2018-10-21 12.06.17Our drive back was uneventful but it was definitely nice to just enjoy each others company and listen to some music. We are definitely looking forward to our next adventure, whatever it may be!


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