Friday Feels!

Hi There,

I hope you all had an amazing week!  Mine has been crazy busy and felt like it lasted 3 weeks instead of the 5 days it has nearly been. Anyone else having an extra long week?

Last night was date night. Damiean and I went decided to try Salad and Go for the first time. For me, I was very pleased with how fresh and tasty everything was. I think that Damiean was feeling that it was not a very substantial and not necessarily enough to keep him full. However, we did decide to indulge in some Menchie’s frozen yogurt afterward. Low carb German chocolate and a tiny bit of cake batter for me and chocolate with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for Damiean. The yogurt was gone so quickly I did not even have enough time to snap a picture!


Today started out with a pumpkin coffee as big as my head! While I am sticking to a diet that is mostly low carb and high protein, a treat now (I think anyway) is necessary!


After work today Sydnee and I are heading to get our nails done for vacation. It is absolutely necessary considering I am giving off major Wolverine vibes with how outgrown my nails are.


Tomorrow morning we are leaving for a quick trip to Disneyland. I am so excited to see the Halloween decorations and enjoy a variety of their treats, in moderation.

One of my absolute favorite parts of Halloween time at Disneyland is when the Haunted Mansion gets its Nightmare Before Christmas overlay.

20180818_121643I cannot wait to see the gingerbread house inside.

20171109_200819What are you up to this weekend?


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