Oops, I did it again and a discount!

Hey There!

Happy Friday!!! I am so thankful this week is over. I don’t know what it is sometimes about short weeks that make them feel so long. How has your week been?

So, as some of you know, I am currently training for 2 half marathons, the Wicked Half on October 28th and the Rock-N-Roll Half in January. Well, the other night I got to thinking that a Christmas race might be fun.. so Sydnee and I decided to sign up for the Run, Run Rudolph half on December 15th. I think that is why we are officially Half Fanatics, haha. Interested in signing up for one of the Run, Run Rudolph races, you can use my personal referral link: Sign Up Here

untitledIf you follow along with my on Instagram , I am currently working with Ryan House to promote their run taking place on October 6th in Mesa. The race should be a lot of fun and if you sign up between now and September 15th, use code RunWithLindsey and receive a 20% off discount! Sign Up Here

Yesterday was crazy busy and ended with me leaving the hair salon after 7:30 last night with a fresh haircut and no more roots showing! Aren’t haircuts amazing? I leave there feeling like a new woman even though all they did was take off a few inches and change the color slightly! I will be sure to share a picture later of the hair, it turned it amazing!

Tonight is date night for Damiean and I and we will be heading to Texas Roadhouse, yum! Tomorrow, Damiean and I will be heading up to Jerome with friends and family to enjoy (hopefully) a bit of cooler weather! Sunday, Sydnee and I will be hitting the road for an 8 mile training run. In addition to all that I am working on a really fun post giving you a review of my experience taking the Happy Haunts tour at Disneyland.

What is on your agenda for this weekend?




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