I’m All In.

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

I don’t know about you guys but I always have a hard time heading back to work after a 3 day weekend. Especially when they are filled with checking things off your to-do list, running, spending time with friends and family and just relaxing!

If you follow me on Instagram, which you definitely should, you know that I ran 6.5 miles yesterday. I am happy to report that I felt great afterward, there was a slight, slight cool-ish breeze and I did not even have to take a nap after the 5 A.M. wake up call!  In addition to my run this weekend, I spent some time cleaning, went out to lunch and spent some much needed quality time with my love, spent time with my family, put up Halloween decorations (if Disneyland has theirs up you know I needed mine up) and  getting ready for the week. Looking back on this weekend, it was definitely some much needed time to myself and I actually entered today feeling somewhat refreshed.


Now that we have gotten a little update out of the way, I want to talk to you about some things that have been on my mind. I am a creature of habit, I like things to stay the way that they are and routines to stay consistent. Damiean will be the first to tell you that I get a little moody and anxious when major changes are happening, mostly because of a lack of control.

Right now is a season of change. This quote is one that I have printed and hung up by my desk at home as a constant reminder that change is necessary to grow!
Ship in Harbor
One of the biggest changes taking place in just a few weeks is that Damiean will be starting a new position at his current location. About a month ago Damiean was approached by his superior and asked to interview for a position that he has been wanting for quite some time. Once the interview had concluded and he found out the information regarding the new job, we found ourselves having to have a very honest conversation about the change that would come along with it, the biggest being his schedule. Since we started dating he has worked 3- 12’s, which meant he was home 4 days out of the week. The new hours he works will mean he is getting up for work a few hours after I have already left for the day and coming home right around the time I am heading to bed for the evening four days out of the week. There is also days where he will be on call- which is going to be different since he could finish a shift, come home and then get called right back out. In addition, there is a 2 year contract involved, which means that this schedule would be pretty consistent for 2 years but it also means that once those 2 years are done, he will have the experience to go anywhere he wants.

I am very lucky. Damiean and I have wonderful lines of communication that allow us to honestly say what we are thinking and how we are feeling. This time was no different. He has ALWAYS supported me in every endeavor I have ever considered without hesitation and I would not consider myself a good partner if I did not do the same. I promised him that no matter what I was, “all in”, and no matter what we would make it work.

I am happy to say that he was offered the job and has accepted it as well, so we are on the countdown until his first day and I am all in. I am going to do whatever necessary to provide Damiean the support he needs to succeed while also providing him a safe place to decompress when needed.

If those changes were not enough, Damiean’s brother will be moving in with him right around the same time his new job starts. Without divulging too much private information he is going through a divorce and will be moving in with him while he sells his house. Again, this is something that shakes up the routine and normalcy that we usually have. Another tough conversation but I am all in. I love Damiean and know that this is just a small blip on the radar of our entire lives together and we will make it through. However, I am human. Recently, I have had to re-evaluate my reaction and thought process when it comes to this change and change the narrative that goes along with it. My negative reactions and thought process does not do anything positive for either of us and I would rather be a supportive and loving partner instead of just another negative voice in his ear. Luckily, we are a united front and Damiean and I are prepared to face whatever comes together.

In the midst of all of this change going on around me I have desperately being wanting an outlet. It suddenly hit me that I have one! While I am afraid that being too real might scare people away, I cannot be alone in my feelings, thoughts and emotions. Why share nothing but pretty, happy stories and pictures , that is not real life, that is a highlight reel. This is my safe place to share! A place for you and I to connect based on the fact that yes, I am human! I have real thoughts, emotions and reactions. I have good days and bad days and every level in between. While I will continue to share with you recipes, fun reviews and all the fun I had on vacation, I will also start sharing with you the “real” experiences I have as well. My promise to you is that I am all in as far as blogging. I am choosing to lean in to the process and grow this blog and m brand as much as possible while also continuing to be myself along the way.

Thank you so much for sticking with me through all of that. I know it was long winded. Please know that each and every one of you are so appreciated!

All that being said, I do have a lot of fun stuff coming up on the blog as well as some day to day things as well. Anything in particular you would be interested in hearing about? Email me! runningaroundwithlindsey@gmail.com

Are you currently going through any big changes?

Any of you couples out there dealt with conflicting schedules? How did you make it work?








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