California Recap- Disneyland

Hi There,

So this post is a bit delayed! I was hoping to have it finished before going on my next trip but that did not happen! I am going to get my weekend recap all up before the end of this week but will try to mix it up so it is not all vacation recap. As I said on Instagram, it is a catch-up week for me with posts.

So when we left off last, we had just left Malibu and were heading to the hotel to get checked-in. Once we were settled in, it was time to head to bed for an early morning.

We always try to get to the parks as early as possible since it seems to be a tiny bit less busy in the morning. Once we arrived at the gate, we were so excited to see the Pixarfest signs!

2018-06-10 11.55.42 (1)Once we were inside, we made our way down Main Street USA and headed toward Red Rose Tavern for breakfast. We are all big fans of the breakfast there and love that it is located in the quaint area of Fantasyland! Collectively, one of our favorite dishes there is the Buttermilk Pancake Platter, the pancakes are delicious and filling and the side of eggs and bacon make it the perfect portion to enjoy on your own or share if you are saving room for a snack a little while later. The decor is amazing here and since Sydnee is such a big fan of Beauty and the Beast, she loves taking pictures around the restaurant when it is not busy. Unfortunately, there seems to always be someone sitting right under the Gaston portrait, so that is a coveted picture of hers!

During breakfast we had booked our Fastpass selection through MaxPass, so we were ready to start our day once breakfast was finished.

Our first ride of the day was Pirates of the Caribbean and we were all excited to see the new changes they had made.

2018-06-10 09.51.34

One major change (that I do not personally agree with) is the redhead auction scene. While the animatronics are cool, it changes the vibe of the scene and takes away from what I felt was the classic Pirates experience. 2018-06-10 10.05.09There is another scene that has been changed that I do not want to spoil, but it takes place once you pass the room full of treasure. Be sure to look to the left!

Our next Fastpass was on Space Mountain! this ride is always awesome and it is definitely worth while to get a Fastpass so you are not stuck waiting in a long line.

2018-06-10 10.43.57

Once we finished our ride, we had a few free minutes between our Fastpasses so decided to pop into what used to be the Captain EO attraction and enjoy a preview of Ant-Man and The Wasp.

2018-06-10 10.55.26The preview was awesome and I know my dad and sister were very excited to see this movie in theaters (they have seen this movie in theaters and said it was great!).

Once our preview had ended, we decided to snack on my mom’s favorite treat, popcorn!

2018-06-10 11.14.22How fun are the attraction Coke bottles?! I do not actually drink soda but I feel I absolutely need the Haunted Mansion bottle the next time I visit.

After our popcorn, we took a quick trip through Frontierland, where I was extremely excited to pick up my Graduation ears! I had been looking forward to picking these up for awhile and was so excited they still had them in stock.

2018-06-10 10.27.05After a quick shopping trip it was time to park hop and head over to California Adventure!

2018-06-10 12.16.22-3One reason I absolutely love MaxPass is because you get all the pictures taken by the Disney photographers free via download on your app! It is awesome to have all 5 of us in pictures! One of my favorite photo spots currently is located at the Cars Land entrance! This local has a fun Toy Story collaboration going on and is a great spot to take a photo with the fam!

2018-06-10 12.36.19-2

Once we had gotten a few great shots, we headed down Route 66 to Radiator Springs Racers.

The rest of our day was spent running around the parks utilizing as many Fastpasses as we could and snacking! We were lucky enough to get on one of my favorites, the Haunted Mansion, twice that evening!

2018-06-11 09.39.14

Unfortunately, as always, time passes too quickly and the day was over. While we did have a full day on Sunday, we had to leave early on Monday morning. Luckily, we had another trip planned in less than a month, which makes leaving a tiny bit easier!






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