California Weekend Recap- Malibu

Happy Thursday!

I hope your week is going great so far!

Thank you so much for all of the views of my Manhattan Beach Recap, it is always fun to relive a vacation and share the details. If you missed that post, you can read it Here

Today, I am going to be recapping our time in Malibu and sharing some of the fun places we visited.

When we last spoke, we had just left Manhattan Beach after indulging in some shopping and a delicious lunch.  Originally, the plan was to head up to Santa Monica Pier and hang out there for a little while. I wish I had a picture to show you all of the people in Santa Monica! We should have known since we ran into an abundance of traffic as we got closer to town but we still pressed on thinking it might dissipate, it did not. We quickly decided to keep heading straight up to Malibu instead.

The drive up the coast is always beautiful and relaxing at some points when traffic isn’t bad. I spent a majority of the time in the car reading, Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. (I actually just finished that book and will be doing a short recap at some point)

Previously, we had visited Paradise Cove in Malibu and we knew that was where we wanted to go again. Not only is the food awesome, there is also a private pier and beach you can wander until it is time to sit down for your meal.

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It was a little more crowded this time than the last time we went but then again the last time we were there it was cold.2018-06-09 17.37.27

When we checked in to the restaurant, Paradise Cove Beach Café, they let us know it would be about an hour. With our buzzer in hand, we ventured out on the beach to enjoy the cooler weather and possibly collect seashells.

If you have never been to this beach or this area of California, I highly recommend it. The views are beautiful and it feels like your own private Paradise!
2018-06-09 17.43.25

We spent about an hour exploring the beach and dodging waves as the tide rose. I will say that a few times it hit the sand a bit higher than we expected and we all got splashed pretty good. Luckily, this beach is more of a “come as you are” environment, so we did not feel out of place.

2018-06-09 17.41.08

After enjoying our time by the water, our buzzer finally went off and it was time to eat!


Since we were by the water, we decided to split two orders of the fish and chips. It was more than enough food and absolutely delicious! There is certainly a lot to be said about atmosphere enhancing the food but the food was delicious all on its own!

Once we finished with our meal, we took one last look around Paradise Cove and appreciated how beautiful it was and said that we definitely need to come back soon.

Once back in the car, we had to decide where we wanted to go before heading to the hotel. My dad thoroughly believes that National Ice Cream day is a day that needs to be celebrated everyday, especially on vacation. For all of us, that meant we needed to head to Google and find a place nearby that served ice cream. While there were quite a few to choose from, we decided on Malibu Yogurt & Ice Cream. It was right in a strip mall so easy to miss if you are speeding down the street. There was a wide variety of choices but I finally settled on the coffee flavored ice cream because coffee is life! My sisters both enjoyed an ice cream sandwich that you were able to customize with a variety of cookies and ice cream. My dad staying true to his flavor pallet, decided on vanilla. All of the flavors were delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience there. Unfortunately, because the store was kind of crowded, I did not get many pictures of the interior but I will say that the inside is adorable. It is decorated with a variety of surfing memorabilia and is a quaint place to enjoy your frozen treats. ** For all my friends with animals of the K9 variety, they even had frozen treats for dogs! **


Once we had finished every bite of our ice cream, we decided we should probably head to the hotel to unpack and get settled before heading to Disneyland and California Adventure the next day!

Next up is my recap of Disneyland and California Adventure!