Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Hi There!

2015-06-06 13.57.44

I hope you guys are having an amazing Tuesday. I am back at work today for a 4-day workweek. I don’t know about you guys but but sometimes the short weeks wind up feeling like the longest weeks in the world! I am hoping that this week goes by somewhat quickly.

My weekend started off a bit rocky when I had to leave work early on Friday feeling a bit sick. I spent a majority of that day laying on the couch watching movies and relaxing. By Saturday morning I felt 100% better but still spent the day relaxing and hanging out with my family. Saturdays are always crazy because they are filled with errands that need to be run for the upcoming week. One of the places I ended up was Old Navy. They wound up having a ton of stuff on sale and I found some great buys for pretty low prices. I wasn’t sure if you guys would like to see some of my purchases but I may post them later this week.

Sunday, Sydnee and I made some omelettes with some amazing fresh watermelon on the side.


Then we spent some time baking delicious Patriotic Cookie Bar, you can find that recipe hereIMG956593

After that we turned on the new Beauty and the Beast and then spent some time in the pool.


Monday, I started the day at breakfast with Damiean, his brother and niece.


After that we headed to a few different stores to look for a kayak. It took some looking but we finally found on on Craigslist that we are pretty sure is the one! We are excited to hit the water but it might take a few weeks since our schedules are varied right now.

I would love to hear how your weekend was!



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