Let’s Get Excited!

Hi There,

I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start.

Today, I am really trying to focus on the positive things happening in my life and find the motivation to make it through the rest of this very long week! Tomorrow and Friday I have some work events taking place that are causing a bit of chaos and Saturday, I have my life and health insurance exam! To counter this and focus on the good, I am looking forward to getting done with my test so that I can binge watch the Santa Clarita Diet Season 2, yay!! I don’t know if you guys have watched Season 1 yet but I highly recommend it. I watched it once on my own and then Damiean and I got about 3 episodes in before he decided he was not a fan. It is kind of a rom-com drama so it hits all the good points I think a series should.

Another thing I am excited about is that I am in negotiations for a new job! I am crossing my fingers for this to come to fruition and will keep you guys updated!

The biggest and most exciting thing is that Easter weekend is going to be spent in California! I am so excited to get away for 2 days and just enjoy a little break from real life. We will be heading to Huntington Beach and Sunset Beach on Saturday and then venturing over to Disneyland/ California Adventure on Easter Sunday. Speaking of Disneyland and California Adventure, did you guys hear the news about Marvel taking over what is currently a Bug’s Land??

Lots of changes taking place in the park lately but I am excited to see what they have in store.


What are you most excited about today?

Any big upcoming plans?


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