Friday Feels

Happy Friday!!

We made it through another week. Today is a busy day that started with coffee and a full calendar. At 5:00, my sister and I will head over to the Tanger Outlet Mall to run the first part of the Kiss Me I’m Irish Challenge. This portion is the Kilt Run, be sure to follow me on Instagram to get a look at the two of us rocking our Kilts!

My Friday feels have got me wishing I was back at the beach today.  What can I say… I am really anxious to travel!


Tomorrow is an early morning, with the second part of the challenge starting at 7:17 A.M. After that I plan on putting together a blogging calendar (not that I don’t like this whole typing it on the same day it posts!) so that I can be better organized and have things scheduled. After that, me and the family will head to a hockey game.

Sunday will be a day of rest and job applications!


What is on your agenda for this weekend?



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