A Last Minute Sign Up and Tuesday Blues

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you are having a happy Tuesday so far.

So as the title implies yesterday Sydnee and I made a decision to sign up for the Kiss Me I’m Irish Kilt Race as well as the Kiss Me I’m Irish 4K.

Image result for kiss me i'm irish run glendale

We went back and forth for two days after our last race trying to decide if we could fit this in to the weekend and ultimately decided that yes, for three medals, we would definitely take the challenge and earn the three medals they are offering.

The challenge starts on Friday night with a Kilt Run which is a 1K. Short distance but all the proceeds benefit a great cause. The second part of the challenge is on Saturday morning, starting at 7:17 A.M. We opted for the 4K because immediately following the race, I need to jump down the street to work with my sister at the Farmers Market.


I am very excited to be running again next weekend because it definitely gives me something to look forward to at the end of the week.

Do you guys ever get the Tuesday blues? Tuesday for some reason gives me the blues even more than Monday these days. Maybe it is the fact that it is still so early on in the week and we still have so long to go until we reach the weekend. Right now I am questioning a few things, which makes the weeks last even longer. As I have described it to my friends, I feel like I am at a crossroads with my job. Feeling uneasy day in and day out makes for a rough work week. I am hoping to find a solution soon that might help ease the anxiety I have, any good tips?

How do you get over the Tuesday blues?

Do you already have big plans for the weekend?


3 thoughts on “A Last Minute Sign Up and Tuesday Blues

  1. runningwithneal says:

    OMG! I am in Glendale and I was just looking for a race to do this weekend. seriously good timing. I hear ya about Tuesdays. This my sound obvious but running seems to help me along with just staying busy and around people.

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    • runningaroundwithlindsey says:

      That is great timing! The medals for this race were what drew me in and when I heard there was a challenge where I could earn 3 of them, I was running for my wallet! Running does seem to help me stay busy and change my perspective on most things.


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