Unexpected Loss

Hi There,

I promise I did not abandon you again. Unfortunately, my family was dealing with the very unexpected loss of our sweet puppy Calypso. It came as quite a shock and I think, even now, 2 weeks later- we are still getting used to the idea that she isn’t around anymore.

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Calypso or Caly for short was a wonderful, loving and beautiful black lab. She was part of our family for 11 years. While that might seem like a lot to some, it felt very short lived when the time came to say goodbye. Calypso’s name was inspired by the goddess from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and the fact that we adopted her in October. She loved Puppacino’s from Starbucks and walking around the neighborhood. She was a big fan of a seasonal bandanna and could often be found dressed up in a t-shirt hanging around the house. She greeted everyone with a wagging tail and a look that let you know that she was happy to see you. Popcorn was one of her favorite snacks at night before bed and it didn’t feel like dinnertime unless she was laying at your feet, waiting for anything to fall.


The vet is not exactly sure what caused such a dramatic turn in her health that lead her from being perfectly fine on a Friday morning to us having to say good bye to her on Sunday night. While I cannot go back in time and change anything, my head and heart feel there is a disconnect for exactly what happened and I have trouble making sense of it all or accepting it.  However, I am grateful that I got the chance to say goodbye to her in person and make sure that even as she crossed the rainbow bridge she had one of her toys with her and was comfortably wrapped in her cozy blanket.

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Calypso, you were such a loving, sweet, amazing member of our family and if love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever. You are so missed by us and Indiana Bones.  Rest in Peace and now that you are so loved.

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