Starting Fresh

Chalkboard - Starting Fresh

Hi There,

I have to admit, I have stared at this blinking cursor wondering how start this post and if I really wanted to get back to blogging. I have left this blog idle and abandoned for almost a year, not because it wasn’t on my mind and not something I wanted to do, but simply because I was busy. I realize with intention you decide what is a priority and for the last year this has fallen by the wayside. The reason I am back is because I missed it.

For me, blogging is a wonderful outlet and a platform on which I have meant a number of my “running friends”. In the time I have been away, my life has gone through a number of changes and time seems more and more fleeting everyday. A book I am reading currently (that is totally rocking my world in the best way) is- “Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. If you have never heard of Rachel Hollis before, please visit her website HERE and check out what she is about! She speaks to you both in her blog and her books like she is a friend joining you for coffee (or tea, whatever suits you best!) and slaps you in the face with reality. She also will absolutely not allow you to give up on your dreams. Which is what lead me back here. In one of the chapters that stuck out to me most, she discusses the importance of really looking deep within yourself and finding out what your dreams and goals are, at least that was my interpretation. The entire time I was reading, this was all I was thinking about. This space of the internet that is just mine, where I can connect with like-minded people and share a little piece of my life with you is where I want to be. At the end of that chapter, I knew that I needed to be back here, sharing a more real and authentic version of myself that you may not have known before.

For a long time when I first started this blog and the version that existed previously, I felt that I needed to live or at least pretend I lived a picture perfect life. That my world only existed in rose gold and white hues so that it would be more aesthetically pleasing. I will be honest, that is not the life I live!Surprise!

My life is messy and stressful and sometimes there is not enough cups of coffee to make it through the day, but it is mine! I am slowly learning that if I want something more for myself I have to fight for it. I am also learning that along this journey, I need to give myself the grace that I give to others freely and take care of myself the way I would take care of a friend who was in need.

Over the next few days I will be slowly easing back into blogging so the topics may vary but should ultimately bring you up to speed so that we can start fresh in this space that still, even after all this time feels warm and comfortable.

I can’t wait to get started!


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