Do You Believe In Signs?

Hi There,

I hope everyone had a beautiful day. Today was an okay day for me. It would have been my Aunt Joan’s birthday today so it made the day a little bit sad.

Which brings me to a story and the question that titles this blog post.

On special occasions, my mom likes to let a balloon off and send it to my aunt. Today, while the sun was setting, we wrote messages on the balloon and released it into the sky. After watching it float away for a few minutes we heard the Rolling Stones come on the radio. It was a bit serendipitous because one of the concerts I attended with my  mom, sister and aunt was the Rolling Stones. So while that in itself was pretty amazing and made you smile… the name of the song was what had us all tearing up a little. While we listened to it play we were all trying to figure out the name of the song. After trying to play it in our heads I finally took to Google to find out. The song that was playing was Miss You by The Rolling Stones.

Now I know some of you are saying, well that is just the line up of the songs they were scheduled to play. However, it still made that experience feel special, like she was getting the message we were sending up and sending one right back to us.


Have any of you experienced anything like this?



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