Where is the Runner Girl?

Hi Everyone,

I hope that everyone is having a great week so far.

Mine has been full but wonderful. Lots of time spent with my main squeeze since he finally has a few days off. Other than that trying to stay organized while waiting for final exam grades to come back. Once that occurs I can get get my final few classes in order and hopefully knock them out quickly.

I have a confession to make… I haven’t run more than 3 miles since the Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend in May. Those races were exhausting! I had never done a challenge race before and I quickly found out how hard 22.4 miles in one weekend could be.

2016-05-08 18.35.46


The prep for that weekend felt tedious to me in the end and I am not sure if that had to do with me adding an extra race or dealing with IT band issues. Either way, ever since I got home I have run once. I start out each week with the intention of that being the week, the week I finally hop back on the treadmill and my inner runner girl emerges. I will tell you, she has been elusive. My main squeeze always jokes asking where his runner girl has gone. Lately, I have been wondering the same thing. Why do I not miss it more? Do I want to run another race? ( The answer to this one of course is yes!) But I do wonder where my running mojo went. In a previous post, I wrote about the feeling I got when I received my first medal. Ever since that very first race, I never wanted to quit and any race that came along was one I wanted to do! However, lately that love for running has ceased to exist. I do stare longingly at the bling of others and wish I was there, at the same time the thought of getting on that treadmill makes take back that thought.

I do believe a big part of my desire not to run is the heat here in AZ. I don’t hate the treadmill necessarily, but knowing that is is the only option unless I want to run in the middle of the night makes it tough. Luckily, it has started to be a little bit cooler in the morning, so the itch of getting out there to enjoy a run outside has started to creep up on me more and more. Hopefully, you will soon start to see postings about amazing runs in my neighborhood or hiking with my main squeeze, until then I will live vicariously through all of my running friends and praise them for their miles.

Have you ever lost your mojo for running?




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