Friday Favorites- 7/15

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Hi There!!

It’s finally Friday! Thursday was a very busy day- filled with lunch dates,cookie frosting and shopping. This shopping trip may or may not have ended with me owning  a brand new planner.. You’ll find out soon enough I guess, haha.

Friday is looking to be pretty busy as well. My sister owns a bakery that I am the marketing director for here in Arizona. We are not only frosting sugar cookies for the farmer’s market this weekend but also we have a very exciting even that we are preparing for that is being hosted by a fellow blogger.

I will show you a sneak peak of the cookies on Instagram. However, if you absolutely can’t wait you can head on over to Cierras’s Bake Shoppe on Facebook to check it out.

I am not sure if I have done this before but I wanted to share a few things I am loving this week. Since it is summertime and the sun and heat have basically left me feeling dried out like a prune, today’s list has 5 products I am loving to help my dry skin and hair feel moisturized and revitalized even after all day on the lake or in the pool.

  1. Trader’s Joe’s Coconut Body Butter. I have been using this for about a year at this point and have noticed a huge difference in the dry spots and redness,I usually have on my face. I love that it doesn’t feel heavy or thick when I put it on, especially since it is so hot here.The best part is that the jar is less than $5.00 and lasts for around 3 months. **Tip: a little bit of this goes a long way! Just a small amount will cover your face and neck.                2016-07-14 13.44.33
  2. This amazing spice rack, turned nail polish holder from Ikea. This was also less than $5.00 and is such a space saver. I saw the idea originally on Pinterest and I am so excited that it actually worked out the way I wanted it to. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a way to save space and keep all your nail polish in one place. 2016-07-14 13.44.00
  3. Avon Moisture Effective Eye Make-up remover. This was actually a gift that I just recently got around to using. I have a huge issue with removing eye make-up because it burns (especially if my eyes are dry from wearing contacts). I get so frustrated that I sometimes give up and just go to bed after a quick wipe with a washcloth. However, that is not only bad for your skin and eyes, I also wake up looking like a racoon. This eye make up remover is so gentle and does a great job or removing my eye make-up without feeling greasy.                                                             2016-07-14 13.44.56
  4. Melaleuca – Renew Intensive Skin Therapy Lotion. I know I  previously discussed working with Melaleuca in this post but you need to know how amazing this product is!! Not only is it natural it also works. My family and I have tried so many different lotions only to find that they just make our hands greasy or don’t work all together. This lotion is so different. My dad works hard, manual labor and my sister is usually up to her elbows in cookie dough. With both of those jobs requiring a lot of hand washing, their skin gets so dry. This lotion leaves your hands feeling refreshed and moisturized without feeling heavy or greasy. I personally love using it with my moisturizing gloves after I give myself a manicure (which I am in desperate need of!)2016-07-15 00.58.53
  5. Aussie- 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner. Summertime in Arizona= pool time! I am sad to say that the pool often leaves my hair feeling like straw after a nice swim so I am so glad I found this deep conditioner that helps leave my hair feeling soft and touchable. The best part is that Sam’s Club has a 3 pack of this conditioner on sale for $4.48!                                                                                                2016-07-15 00.59.12What is a product you are loving this week?

*Disclaimer: While I do have personal connections to one of these products all the opinions listed here at Running Around With Lindsey are my own honest opinions.


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