4th of July Chocolate Covered Popcorn

Hi Everyone!

I know I have already made popcorn this week but I am such a huge fan of the chocolate covered popcorn. It satisfies my need for sweet and salty all at the same time, while not having a ton of calories.

This time, instead of making it shark-tastic, I have made it Red, White and Blue themed for the 4th of July.

This popcorn is so easy to make and throw into individual bags for a firework viewing party or toss it in a bowl for everyone at your BBQ to enjoy.

As a side note, I would say that you can easily add some M&M’s to the mix as well as some pretzels. I keep mine simple because I want it to not have a ton of calories.

Let’s Get Popping!

What You Will Need:


*Melting Chocolate


*Cookie Sheet

*Parchment Paper

First off we are going to lay pop our popcorn. You can easily use a bag of popcorn from the microwave, I happen to have a machine so I use the oil and kernels method.

2016-06-25 15.17.37

Next, we lay out a cookie sheet and cover that with parchment paper.

2016-06-25 15.30.10

After the parchment paper has been laid out, we spread the popcorn out evenly.

Next, we would melt the red and blue chocolate pieces in the microwave in separate bowls. I warm mine up for 30 seconds at a time till it comes out smooth.


Once the candy pieces are melted, You will take the spoon and drizzle the different chocolates evenly around the popcorn. Once you have drizzled both colors, add the sprinkles!

2016-06-25 15.58.21

After the popcorn has been coated in chocolate and sprinkles, you can either let it sit on the counter for a few minutes until the chocolate hardens or you can speed up the process by popping it in the fridge for a few minutes.

2016-06-25 15.58.44.jpg

After you remove it from the fridge, break it apart and enjoy!

2016-06-25 16.32.52

What is your favorite 4th Of July tradition?



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