Weekend Review

Hey Everybody,

I hope you all had a fantastic Sunday. Mine is finally winding down and was finished with a bit of Shark Week!

I apologize for the lack of posting this past week, I am trying so hard to get organized! Luckily, I have quite a few posts put together and am actively work on more as we speak.

My weekend involved running errands ,meal planning, delicious shrimp tacos and dinner and a movie with the family since my main squeeze had to work. I started planning last week for how I wanted to approach meal planning and getting back into fitness and I think I have a pretty good plan put together.

Thanking I would get a jump on things,main squeeze and I took a trip to Sam’s Club last Thursday and I was so excited to find the Light & Fit Greek Yogurt in a package of 16 (8 strawberry and 8 blueberry). I don’t know about most of you but I prefer Greek yogurt to the regular but I dislike the price tag that comes with the container. I was able to get 16 individual packages for around $11.00, which makes them less than a $1 each! However, I was so sad when I got home because it was June 23 and my yogurt had apparently expired on June 18!

2016-06-24 10.20.06

Luckily, I called Sam’s Club the next day and they happily exchanged it!

On Saturday, I ran a bunch of errands with my mom and then enjoyed a great lunch at Subway. I am lucky my mom likes the same type of sub as me so we were able to split a foot long spicy Italian with extra (extra) pickles. During lunch we discussed what sounded delicious for dinner and came to the conclusion that since everyone on Facebook was having shrimp tacos, that is what we should try. We were able to pick up some awesome shrimp from Sprouts for $6.99 a pound and I decided to pick up all the ingredients I needed to make a mango salsa. Since these tacos turned out so amazing I will be doing a write up of those separately this week. After dinner I settled in to do some homework and wound up falling asleep around 11 o’clock.

Sunday morning I decided to make some waffles. I hadn’t used my new waffle maker yet and was excited to get the opportunity to break it in.

2016-06-26 10.25.06.jpg

After all of Avengers assembled for breakfast, we discussed what the plan was for the day.We decided that since I had some free movie passes we would go see Independence Day Resurgence in 3D IMAX.

The movie theater is always such a nice retreat during the hot, hot summers we experience here in Arizona and it was nice to beat the heat for a few hours. After enjoying the movie we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I had their amazing grilled chicken salad, yum!

On the way home we did attempt to pick up some Shark Week goodies at 7-11 and we were so disappointed that they had nothing left.

I finished the night with Shark Week and a cup of chocolate milk while putting together the plan for this week and here we are now.

I hope all of you had a relaxing weekend!



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