Work From Home

Hi Everyone!

I hope your hump day is going great so far!

Today I wanted to tell you about a new job that I have. While I am still doing my travel agent gig (more on that later) I have also decided to step outside my comfort zone and start a new endeavor.

Let me start by asking you this…have you considered going green in your home? Perhaps you have already started the transition but you aren’t sure what products are actually safe and green.

What if I told you for $1.00 you could be enrolled in a company that focuses only on the well being of its customers and has a history of 31 years without any children becoming ill from their products. Sounds pretty good right? It is amazing! But this promotion only runs until the 20th of January, sot he timing could not be better!


“If you hated going back to work today, then its time for a CHANGE! Life is to short to be miserable,especially when you can have a job you love and work from home!

I hate talking money, BUT you need to know your options!! My job is fun, very rewarding (my first check was almost the same as when I worked over 48hrs out of the house each week!) easy to do, and something anyone can do!!! In fact, you can set up a plan to earn a 6 figure income within 12-18 months!

You just need to take a leap, and put in the work…and of course I’ll help you every step of the way! Are you ready?!?!


I am looking for not only customers but also a business partner or two who are willing to put in the work and get started on making your life better!

Right now there is a promotion running, if you decide to join and start referring friends, you can earn either a Kindle Fire, Ipad Mini 2 or an Ipad Pro! This is an amazing incentive that comes on top of your commission and bonuses!


If you are ready to get started or learn more, please feel free to email me at

I can’t wait for you to join me and get started!!


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