Weight Watchers Ice Cream Review

Hi There!
I hope you are all staying cool on this super warm day in Phoenix!

Today I am reviewing Ice Cream! But wait, this is not just any ice cream but Weight Watchers ice cream.

Weight Watchers Ice Cream

I was lucky enough to be selected to review the Weight Watchers ice cream through Influenster.

Before I start my review I wanted to let you know that while I did receive these products for free all the opinions provided are my own. I would never mislead any of you and will always be open and honest about my thoughts and opinions regarding any and all products reviewed here.

That being said, I am happy to report that I loved this Ice Cream!

I was sent two coupons to receive ice cream of my choice for free. I chose the Vanilla Fudge Swirl Cones and the Giant Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich.

Fudge Swirl Cone

Fudge Swirl Cone

If you are a fan of the Drumstick variety of ice cream, this is a great choice!
These cones are the perfect size when you’re looking for a snack that isn’t too big but still satisfying. These ice cream cones are the perfect blend of chocolate and vanilla along with a little crunch! At 90 calories they certainly won’t hurt your caloric intake for the day! If you’re looking for protein value, these ice cream cones provide 2 grams!

Bottom Line- I enjoyed these as a sweet treat at the end of the day but there are only 6 cones in the box and they cost close to $5.00.

Giant Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

Giant Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

These Giant Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches are very tasty! Coming it at around 140 calories they are a bit of a splurge but very much worth it! If you have been careful with calories (or points if you are following Weight Watchers Plus) then I highly recommend you feel free to indulge in this chocolatey treat! They are the perfect balance of chocolate and vanilla and are big enough to satisfy a chocolate or ice cream craving.

Bottom Line: I would recommend this product. However, like the Fudge Swirl Cones, they are close to $5.00 a box and you are only getting 6 sandwiches.

Fudge Swirl Cone- Giant Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches


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