Color Dash 5k Review

Color Dash 5k

Hey Everyone,
Last year I participated in the Color Dash 5k. I figured I would re-share my experience so that if you were considering a color race in the new year you’d know what to expect.

I purchased entry to this race from Groupon for about $29. I have run 3 other color races and have loved all of them!
Unfortunately, this race was not one that I loved.While there were a few pro’s to this race the con’s far outweighed them.

*You got to choose your shirt color. They offered four different choices of shirt color for your race shirt.
* Smaller Crowds
*Easy Parking
* Local Event
* Price Efficient
*Lots of water supplied

* Limited colors in limited sizes
* Limited volunteer
* Over priced race merchandise
* Same day packet pick up
* Long wait between packet pick up and race start
* No organization
* Very little color

The biggest con for me was the lack of organization. I understand that on race day sometimes communication gets confusing but this was a mess. There were no course markings throughout the entire race and you were left wondering where you were supposed to be going and what mile you were at. At one point during the race we were running/walking through an area that was full of loose rocks and onto a sidewalk right near the street that turned out to not even be part of the race course, as we were later informed by the race director. The volunteers at the color stops had no information regarding the course so we were left to our own devices and following others throughout the course and even then still ending up in the wrong area. Also, the color areas were very small and very…. dull. I hate to say that because I very much appreciate the volunteers who came out to help make that day special. However, there was very little color to be distributed and by the end of the race you hardly had any on you at all.

All in all this race lacked the enthusiasm and excitement that races like The Color Run have had in the past. I felt like after we finished there was no need to linger around in the parking lo so we simply got in our cars and left. I hope that next year they are able to organize a little better and make this a more enjoyable experience for the runners.


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