It’s Today!

Good Morning Everyone!

2016-01-03 16.56.51

Photo Courtesy of Run Disney- Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Well, today is the day….Training for the Pixie Dust Challenge starts today!!

In case you aren’t familiar with the Run Disney Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend. The Pixie Dust Challenge consists of the 10k and half marathon. In addition I opted to add in the 5k..If you’re keeping track that is 22.4 miles in 3 days!

It feels like ages ago that I signed up for this race and now we are only 19 weeks (eek!) away.

As far as the training plan goes, I will be loosely following the Jeff Galloway training plan that is posted on the Run Disney website.

This training consists of Tuesday and Thursday- 30-45 minute runs and one long run typically on Saturday. I am changing up my race training a little bit just because I know how I want to feel come race day. I am also going to be adding in some cross training that will hopefully aid in me feeling strong and ready to take on every one of those miles head on!

2016-01-03 11.20.57

I am so excited to get started with training but it also feels like such a big goal. This is my first challenge so I am just hoping to finish the weekend in the upright position, haha.

Throughout the next 19 weeks and probably beyond that I will be sharing my updates on training every Friday.

So as of now the only days that are pretty set in stone are Wednesdays which are going to be posts regarding cross training and Fridays which are going to be check in days.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to read about why having the right shoes is so important!

What races do you have coming up?

Have you ever participated in a challenge weekend?


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