Feeling Lucky!


Image Via Pinterest

Today I had the chance to sit down with my best friend for a meal and it was awesome!

Our lives have both changed a lot since we became friends 25+ years ago. Because of these changes we don’t have the opportunity or privilege of sitting down to lunch with each other like we did in grade school. Let me tell you something… sometimes all you need is lunch with a friend and conversation to make you feel lighter and happier.

I did not realize how “heavy” my life has been over the past few days while trying to make some decisions (more on this later). The simple act of sitting down for lunch and divulging our latest adventures and mis-adventures was a welcome experience.

I feel very lucky and fortunate to have a best friend who lets me be myself and share my triumphs and failures without passing judgments. I also feel lucky to have her to offer encouraging words when I feel like I have no direction.

So, basically this post is just me feeling thankful for my best friend in the whole world!



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