Happy (Black) Friday!


Good Morning,

Hopefully anyone venturing out this morning is comfortably clad in some sweatpants, coffee in hand!

I know every year I tell myself that I don’t need to be out among-st the crowds just to save a few dollars….yet every year I find myself elbowing my way to through the stores fighting for a good deal.

I must admit there is a certain thrill to finding that perfect deal, picking up the last of a sale item or (if you’re lucky) finding a store that has hardly any crowds! However, after the thrill wears off and you trudge your way to the checkout line, you feel a bit weary at the idea of standing in line for 30 minutes to an hour.

This dilemma usually goes one of two ways for me. One way leads me to stubbornly wait in line for as long as it takes to walk out with my goodies in hand. The other way leads me to setting down my collection of items and walking out of the store somewhat defeated.

After looking at the sales ad’s yesterday I was not compelled to venture out bright and early. Instead I will head out later in the day just to see if anything left interests me.

Whether you choose to stay in or venture out, I hope you have a fantastic and safe day!



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